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Focus Group Benefits

  • Get Paid to Participate in Focus Groups
  • Make Money From Online Focus Groups
  • Access to List of The Best Paid Focus Groups
  • Make $40-125+ per hour (offline focus groups pay the best!)

Focus Group Guide

Focus Groups are another easy way to make money online. Companies want your opinion on a product and will

Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups are a cost effective alternative to conventional "face-to-face" focus groups. Online focus groups generally invite 8 to 10 people to join for a specified period of time (90 minutes to two hours) in a specialized chat room

Offline Focus Groups

These are done locally and in person. The group size is about the same but they are not conducted as often. They also take more time which means they pay more! One of the huge benefits is they will pay you on the spot after completing the focus group. Chicago, California (Los Angeles), New York, Texas (Dallas), are some of the most popular spots for finding them. Of course they have local ones in your area just do a little bit of searching or join Surveys4Checks and get a complete list of focus groups. 

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