Mystery Shopping

Get Paid to Shop from Mystery Shopping Companies!

Mystery Shopping is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Not only do you get paid to shop but companies will pay for your gas, meal and almost all of the expenses! You can get paid for going everywhere and doing everything that you already do!

Here is how it works:

  • You signup for mystery shopping companies (surveys4checks members receive a large list of mystery shopping companies)
  • You receive a mystery shopping job:
  • You pick the time that you will go to the assigned shop and complete the task.
  • Fax them a valid receipt within the set time period and you will get paid!
  • It takes less than an hour usually to do the whole process and you get a free meal and $7.50 (in the above example).



New shops are available to you! Here is one we think you will enjoy!

Get Paid $7.50 and Get a FREE MEAL at McDonalds in Your Area!

Minimum Purchase: $5.00
Terms: Must provide valid receipt and visit during scheduled time.



There are an endless number of mystery shopping benefits. You will get free stuff and paid money. Your are the boss. You can pick the hours you want to do the job. Your job is fun and will help evaluate the product and location that you visit.

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